Papaya Is A Remedy for Constipated Intestine

A Jammed Gut: In More Technical Terms, A Constipated Intestine

by LIVING HEALTHon March 28, 2017
A Constipated Intestine or as they say in Portuguese: “A Jammed Gut” Jammed Gut or a Constipated Intestine is a problem that people have suffered from, for generations. Some inherit a lazy intestine while others abuse their digestive system. Note: For a list of foods that cause a constipated intestine, go to the bottom of this article. […]

Almond Bread

Almond Bread—Grain-free and Good-for-You

by LIVING HEALTHon March 9, 2017
A Healthy-Bread Quest I have been on a quest to discover a healthy bread that can be incorporated into my daily diet and leave no trace of toxic ingredients inside my body. So far, I have found a delicious, grain-free almond bread that I would like to share with you. Growing up in Brasil, breakfast was always a […]

Matcha or Green Tea Energy Bites

Matcha (Green Tea) Energy Bites for Anyone On-the-Go

by LIVING HEALTHon February 20, 2017
Matcha Energy Bites that are Delicious, Nutritious and Expeditious by Chef Erin Yeschin of The Inspired Kitchen Making the Case for Matcha Energy Bites For taking them on a hike, packed in a school lunch or just out and about on the town, pop them in the freezer overnight so they take longer to soften. When placed in […]

“Brigadeiro” on the Raw

by LIVING HEALTHon January 19, 2017
If you have ever been to Brasil or even to a Brazilian restaurant, then you know that one of the most famous desserts is a ball of condensed milk cooked with chocolate and butter. It is called “Brigadeiro” and there is nothing more delicious in the world to satisfy your sweet tooth, if you have […]

detox salad

Detox and Supercharge with a Big Helping of Kale

by LIVING HEALTHon January 5, 2017
For many of us, January is a time of year to go on a detoxification, or detox diet. The goal might be to get rid of toxins from less-than-stellar eating habits, lose holiday weight, or just improve overall health. But even if you’re not trying to cleanse, it can’t hurt to give healthful, detoxifying foods like kale and cabbage a bigger […]

ice-cream homemade dairy-free 05

nuts about nuts: Nutty Not Naughty Ice-Cream

by LIVING HEALTHon December 3, 2016
Irresistible ice-cream? Not any more. No matter what food lifestyle you follow, you can create healthy, dairy free, ice-cream in minutes. NUT FACT:  Did you know that technically cashew is not a nut but a seed? It comes from the cashew fruit, except—unlike most fruit—the cashew seed lives on the outside. You can see pictures […]

No-Bake Perfect Pumpkin Pie: A Gluten-Free Raw-Vegan Alternative

by LIVING HEALTHon November 10, 2016
From pumpkin decorations to pumpkin pie, it is fall and you know it. “It’s safe to say that when it comes to Fall, Pumpkin is the superstar of the season. From adorning our doorsteps to filling our lattes, muffins and more, we just can’t get enough of this bright orange gourd. Maybe that’s why every […]

feijao_tropeiro_mineiro good for the heart

Old-Folk Wisdom: Memories That Are Good for the Heart

by LIVING HEALTHon November 2, 2016
Memories That Are Good for the Heart Heart disease is the number one health issue in many countries. Some attribute it to poor nutrition, others to stress, or even a combination of both. There are many things that are bad for the heart, but there are also many things that are good. One of them is […]

Chocolate Shake No Milk

Chocolate Shake In-‘n-Out Style But Good-For-You

by LIVING HEALTHon October 4, 2016
“Double-double and Fries, Animal Style, with a Chocolate Shake, Please” When I first arrived in California, many moons ago, one of the first places I was taken to eat was the In-n-Out in North Hollywood. I will never forget it—because it’s still there to this day! The challenge was to try their cheeseburger and one […]

nuts about nuts nutella®

nuts about nuts: HEALTHY NUTELLA®

by LIVING HEALTHon October 4, 2016
Nutella@: one of America’s Childhood Favorites Nuts Paste In our nuts-about-nuts section, we have decided to address the subject of Nutella®. Now, of course, Nutella® is a childhood favorite for most Americans, but now that so many have adopted healthier lifestyles, it is always best to avoid processed foods which contain ingredients that are not the best for your health. […]