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Stress Busters: Turn-Up the Heat—Relieve the Stress

by LIVING HEALTHon October 5, 2016
An Innovative Alternative to Deal with Stress “Chronic stress has turned our nervous system completely upside down,” says mind-body and nutrition expert, Dr. Ginger. Dr. Ginger is founder and C.E.O. of Dr.Ginger, LLC., a wellness consulting company known for its unique approach to turning around disease in as little as 30 days and strategically taming escalating […]

10 Reasons to Add a Sauna to Your Healthy Lifestyle Protocol

by LIVING HEALTHon August 26, 2016
1) Detoxification – Sweating in an infrared sauna rids your body of a variety of toxins including heavy metals and chemicals. To protect the body from harm, these toxins are stored in fat cells. Lose the toxins, lose the fat! Plus burn 500 – 700 calories per session.    2) Stress Relief – Using infrared saunas […]

Enveloped in a Veil of Pesticides

Enveloped in a Veil of Pesticides

by LIVING HEALTHon July 21, 2016
Guess How Many Pounds of Pesticides It’s Game Show time and they selected you from the audience to answer the first question of the day: As estimated by the EPA, how many pounds of pesticides are used each year in the USA? 1 million pounds 10 million pounds 100 million pounds 1 billion pounds I can […]