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CHLORELLA—Nature’s Perfect Food by Fred Liers, Ph.D.

by on August 9, 2016

Chlorella is a single-celled, fresh-water aquatic plant, named so after the Greek word chloros meaning “green” — because it contains large amounts of the green phytonutrient “chlorophyll.”

Millions of people take chlorella every day (many in East Asia) for a perfectly good reason…because it is a highly effective superfood. Researchers who have studied chlorella extensively say it is nature’s “Perfect Food” (in fact, NASA studied it as a food for astronauts). Chlorella provides a broad spectrum of nutrients, including protein, essential fats, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, etc. In addition, it provides the highest levels of dietary nucleic acids among all foods. Dietary nucleic acids (e.g., RNA) are now recognized as powerful, natural substances that provide super-nutrition, rejuvenate, heal, and help create optimum health.

Eat and Grow Younger

Chlorella makes you look and feel younger. Studies confirm what people taking chlorella have long experienced — the anti-aging effects of dietary nucleic acids on skin, eyes, hair, hands, and other visible parts of the body. Skin becomes smoother, tighter, and clearer. Deep lines, wrinkles, and “crow’s feet” are often reduced. Even conditions as varied as acne and foot calluses often clear up or simply disappear as skin becomes softer and healthier. Hair color may return and its texture may become richer and thicker. These changes are more than skin deep…they reflect inner changes created by the power of nucleic acids…for total health — both inside and outside.

Seeing and Believing

It’s often said, “seeing is believing.” And you will “believe” when you see chlorella’s effects for yourself! You’ll have smoother skin, sparkling eyes, and a healthy glow. According to pioneer nucleic-acid researcher Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, you can look and feel 5, 10, or even 15 years younger! It is entirely possible. Actually, it is quite likely. Dr. Frank achieved similar results with his patients using dietary nucleic acids (from fish and yeast sources). In fact, the anti-aging effects were so evident, he matter-of-factly wrote: “It shows on your face.” That’s an understatement! It’s just that he had seen it happen so routinely…with almost all of his patients. Of course, he shows great enthusiasm for these results. But Dr. Frank emphasizes that such changes in appearance aren’t just “skin-deep” and in fact, aren’t even “cosmetic” at all (from a medical standpoint)…but stem from actual, deep-down improvements in health.

After years of experience with thousands of patients, Dr. Frank concluded that dietary nucleic acids could “…revolutionize the appearance of most Americans, because most…are in poor health…aging faster than necessary.” He was exactly right. And because chlorella is such a fantastic source of nucleic acids, you can expect results — rapidly. The benefits then add up over time — keeping you looking and feeling younger — far longer.

In my own experience, I can tell you how amazed I felt when I first saw myself “growing younger” after consuming chlorella for about 3 weeks. Even more incredible — my rejuvenation has never stopped — my skin keeps getting smoother, my hair thicker…and of course, it’s nice having a lot more energy! Few people now guess my age…and they’re usually shocked when they find out! That’s why I’m compelled to share my knowledge about chlorella with you — so you can benefit, too!

You see, a powerful connection exists between our inner health and outer appearance. When we finally meet our body’s needs for real nutrition and for energy to carry out its tasks…our body rewards us with glowing health. Chlorella works hard…to make you look good…in fact, your very best. It’s that simple.

Huge Benefits from Health-Building Plant

• Heart Health. Chlorella’s nucleic acids help rejuvenate your entire body, including your heart. Chlorella also contains essential fatty acids (i.e., “good” fats), including omega-3 (alpha-linoleic acid). These fatty acids combine with chlorella’s proven ability to lower cholesterol, as well as the rejuvenating and energizing effects of nucleic acids…to support excellent cardiovascular health. In addition, the strengthening and anti-inflammatory actions of polysaccharides, and chlorella’s ability to remove toxic heavy metals play significant roles in reducing the hardness of vessel walls, thereby improving their resiliency and elasticity.

• Breathe Easier. Nucleic acids vastly improve cellular oxygenation and oxygen utilization in the body — enabling far more efficient use of oxygen, including the ability to function better with less! A truly remarkable benefit to anyone who wants optimal breathing capacity, living in polluted environments or at high altitudes, and for aerobic exercise of any kind. Studies show nucleic acids dramatically boost exercise performance…via increased breathing capacity, greater stamina, and ability to perform physical tasks faster…and longer!

You’ll be less “winded” while walking, running, hiking, swimming, climbing, kayaking, playing tennis, doing yoga, etc. Even if you’re already in great shape (whether you’re a weekend warrior or an Olympic athlete), you will still see noticeable differences, as you gain greater endurance and reserve capacity to go further with far less “huffing” or “puffing”!

• Mental Sharpness. The nucleic acids in chlorella greatly improve oxygen utilization which greatly improves your mental performance. Removal of toxic metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium) also plays a role in increasing mental acuity.

• Blood Sugar Stabilization. Chlorella helps stabilize blood sugar levels by supporting and balancing the liver and pancreas. When these organs do their jobs effectively, blood sugar levels naturally become better balanced. In addition, chlorella reduces cravings for carbohydrates and sweets.

• Osteoarthritis. Chlorella’s nucleic acids can play a unique supporting role in reducing inflammation and regenerating connective tissues.

• Liver Support. Chlorella rejuvenates and cleanses the liver (and other detoxification organs). Nucleic acids directly stimulate cellular repair in liver tissue while improved elimination functions reduce cholesterol and fats in the bloodstream…helping your liver be more efficient, and keeping you healthier!

Intestinal Health. Supports growth of healthy intestinal flora (“friendly” bacteria) in the digestive tract, aids bowel elimination, and more!

• Alkalinizing Effects. Chlorella brings balance to body pH by creating alkaline conditions — counteracting the effects of acid-forming foods and substances, creating greater health!

• Supercharged Health. Chlorella supports the functioning of the entire body. Consequently, you can expect many more benefits than I can possibly list here. Strengthening the entire body has a way of preventing, lessening, or reversing many health problems, improving overall health!

• Feel Great. Chlorella’s benefits act synergistically. When all body systems repair and heal, they work better together. Health is more than the absence of disease — when all parts function optimally in a natural, healthy way, you’ll simply feel great!

Nature has blessed us with chlorella: a superfood with countless health benefits…a true superfood for the 21st century!

Foods are the Best Medicine

The philosopher Hippocrates lived in ancient Greece, but his exhortation“Let Food Be Your Medicine”has always rung true. Yet individuals and society haven’t always embraced this truth. Our modern world consequently suffers high rates of degenerative illnesses like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., and excessive health care expenses — an unhappy combination with no end in sight. Or is there?!

It’s a fact: ever lower levels of nutrition offered by the so-called “Standard American Diet” (“SAD”) have been implicated in the rise of degenerative diseases and other conditions of poor health. Ironically, we live in a time of great abundance…and great malnutrition. A time when food quantity exceeds food quality; when conditions as diverse as obesity, blood sugar imbalances, chronic fatigue, etc., grow ever more commonplace. What’s wrong with this picture?

If you look at the major decline of nutritional value in modern foods (due to processing and refining, toxic additives, soil degradation, agricultural chemicals, etc.) in addition to the nutrient-depletion in our own bodies related to factors like high-speed/high-stress lifestyles, poor food choices, and lack of education about real nutrition, it’s little wonder anything as amazing as chlorella goes overlooked because we’ve overlooked Hippocrates’ timeless message. Isn’t it time for real change and for healthier ways of living?!

Indeed, times are changing. Many people, like you, want nutrition facts about healing foods and want “super-nutrition” provided by whole foods. Chlorella is here to stay because it is so naturally good. Think of it as“naturally powerful nutrition”!

Nature’s Perfect Food!

Chlorella is “Nature’s Perfect Food” because there’s simply no single food like it. It offers a unique profile of beneficial nutrients, including:

  • Nucleic Acids, including RNA, DNA, & Nucleic Acid Derivatives — a “fountain of youth” providing energy for your cells.
  • Chlorella Growth Factor (GGF) — incredibly health-building Nucleotide-Peptide Complex that boosts immunity and speeds healing.
  • Essential Fatty Acids (omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs) — an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 alpha-linenic acid.
  • Richest Source of Chlorophyll of any plant. 4% to 7% or more…10 times more chlorophyll than alfalfa. Chlorophyll is an amazing healing phytonutrient that powerfully heals, purifies, cleanses, and detoxifies.
  • High-Quality Plant Protein (62% or more) — vegetable protein that’s so easy to digest and assimilate…it puts the “Super” in “Superfood.”
  • Antioxidants, Enzymes, and Phytonutrients, including naturally-occurring Beta-Carotene and Lutein…for enhancing your health.
  • Vitamins, including Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K1; all major B vitamins, plus Vitamin B-12…for incredibly complete nutrition.
  • Minerals and Trace Elements, including iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, zinc, manganese…and more! Chlorella provides minerals and trace elements essential for all biochemical processes in your body.
  • Polysaccharides — protecting your vascular system, strengthening connective tissues, and building immunity (by stimulating interferon production), and more.
  • Fiber (11% insoluble) — promoting heart health, detoxification, easier elimination, and appetite control.

These beneficial nutrients work together to help you build super health. And these are just some of the benefits chlorella offers you. But as amazing as these “Nutrition Facts” are, you may be wondering howchlorella provides so many astonishing healing powers. Let me tell you a little more about chlorella’s benefits.

The Miracle of Dietary Nucleic Acids

Chlorella contains many valuable nutrients, all contributing to its stellar nutritional benefits. However, one group of nutrients stands out as truly exceptional — chlorella’s extremely high nucleic acid content. In particular, this means RNA and DNA (acronyms for “Ribonucleic Acid” and “Deoxyribonucleic Acid”). These nucleic acids are involved in many bodily processes, especially energy production and communication within cells (i.e., they enable cells to use energy effectively for greater health). In the cell nucleus, RNA carries out instructions coded in DNA — instructions containing information critical for cell structure and function — which are essential for the very lives of our cells, and thereby for our lives and our quality of life!

When our cells receive proper directions and energy to carry them out, they keep us youthful. Chlorella’s nucleic acids provide us basic materials for repairing and replacing our RNA and DNA, giving us greater energy, vitality, and longevity.

I’m getting a bit technical here…but I’m powerfully convinced you’d like to know more about how this amazing plant works to make you healthy. You see, our bodies make nucleic acids naturally, but with increasing age we gradually lose our capacity for synthesizing them, i.e. it’s harder to make them ourselves. This is where nucleic acids from foods make a huge difference for your health. Pioneer RNA researcher Dr. Benjamin S. Frank discovered that dietary nucleic acids not only improve health, but also slow down and even reverse the aging process. Many decades of research led him to conclude that nucleic acids are more than just good for you, they’re actually “essential nutrients.” In particular, he describes RNA as “the anti-aging factor.” Dr. Frank’s research laid the foundation for understanding the effects of all high-nucleic acid foods, including chlorella.

In his books, Dr. Frank predicts nucleic acids will be the “medicine” of the future, but says that everyonecan benefit right now by eating high-nucleic acid foods. In fact, his best-seller Dr. Frank’s No-Aging Dietis a guide for helping people learn about high-nucleic acid foods so they can eat for super health. But he’s hardly alone in his enthusiasm for nucleic acids from foods.

Dr. Frank has plenty of company in his praise for dietary nucleic acids. In a classic, groundbreaking book titled Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East, natural healer Dr. Bernard Jensen focuses on the health benefits of chlorella and its nucleic acids. Dr. Jensen famously spent his life traveling around the world searching for secrets of health and longevity…and he was very impressed by the “mind blowing” effects of dietary nucleic acids on human health, especially the effects of chlorella.

Dr. Jensen marveled at chlorella’s miraculous powers. And he says that while science takes time unraveling chlorella’s mysteries, anyone can benefit from consuming it right now — without waiting for the day when modern science fully reveals how it makes us healthier.

The Bottom Line: Knowledge gained but never used is…well, not very useful. Nutrition science already tells us what foods contain high levels of nucleic acids — foods like fish, organ meats, beans, brewer’s yeast, and most of all…chlorella. Certainly, foods aren’t advertised or sold in stores based on high nucleic acid levels (yet) and in fact, most nutritionists simply don’t know anything about dietary nucleic acids (and most nutrition schools don’t teach them).

But since nothing can prevent you from consuming high-nucleic acid foods right now, as Drs. Frank and Jensen suggest, then maybe it’s time you added high-nucleic acid foods to your diet: foods like chlorella. And most incredible of all, chlorella contains higher levels of RNA than any other food — up to 10 times more than the next-highest RNA-containing food (i.e., sardines). This makes chlorella the #1 “High-RNA” food source. That is, the greatest source of RNA and other dietary nucleic acids anywhere!

Are you ready to enjoy chlorella’s benefits…of greater health, vitality, and longevity?! If so, read on…because chlorella may be the most important discovery you’ll ever make…for your own health.

“Chlorella Growth Factor” for Rejuvenation!

Chlorella offers more than an incredibly high nucleic acid content. The 5% nucleic-acid rich fraction of chlorella contains a substance known as “Chlorella Growth Factor” or “CGF.” First isolated by Japanese scientists in the mid-1950s, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is a “nucleotide-peptide complex” containing nucleic acids and nucleic-acid derivatives, like amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, nucleosides, polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and other beneficial substances. Most importantly, it’s all-natural, safe, and demonstrates truly amazing healing powers.

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is best known for having powerful growth stimulating properties — so much that it’s used to boost growth in children with growth disorders. In doesn’t boost growth in adults though, but instead enhances immune system response, repairs nerve tissues (e.g., especially helpful for brain and nerve disorders), and works powerfully to speed healing. Also, the body uses this growth factor to produce energy in support of metabolic processes and to revitalize cellular functioning. In addition, because CGF is a highly concentrated source of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) its constituents components act synergistically to provide you with maximal nutrition for optimal health.

CGF offers truly incredible health benefits — like immune enhancement, rapid healing, regeneration, and rejuvenation — found nowhere else! Chlorella’s “Growth Factor” is just another reason why chlorella is known as the “most complete superfood” on the planet.

Chlorophyll for Incredible Healing Power

Chlorella’s energizing and healing powers are truly awesome. Its nucleic acids and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) create powerful health. Yet chlorella also contains vast quantities of chlorophyll, the green phytonutrient found in all plants. As a superfood that gets its very name from chlorophyll, chlorella’s chlorophyll content is an amazing 4% to 7%, or more. That’s the highest chlorophyll content of any plant on earth, and chlorophyll itself is an amazing healing substance.

When You’re Green Inside, You’re Clean Inside

Chlorophyll has many proven benefits: it cleanses, deodorizes, disinfects, detoxifies, alkalinizes your body, and speeds healing (internally and externally). It is even said, “If you’re green inside, you’re clean inside!” And due to chlorophyll’s structural similarity to human blood cells, consuming it builds a high blood count. Here’s a partial list of chlorophyll’s benefits:

• Detoxifies, deodorizes, cleanses, and purifies. Chlorophyll is nature’s greatest purifier.

• Removes heavy metals from the body, including mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum — takes these poisons right out of cells…which boosts your quality of life, and can even increase your longevity! (see Mike Adams’s Superfoods for Optimum Health, www.chlorellafactor.com 10)

Due to industrialization, polluted water, dental amalgams, and consumption of predatory fish (high in mercury), it’s been estimated that most Americans have relatively high levels of toxic metals in their bodies. Chlorophyll can help reduce that load…

• Removes pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins, and industrial chemicals — draws these toxins out of cells, too!

• Aids liver function — via purification and detoxification, and supports other elimination functions in the body! (see Mike Adam’s Superfoods for Optimum Health, www.chlorellafactor.com 10)

• Can reduce pain related to inflammation (see Dr. Bernard Jensen’s The Healing Power of Chlorophyll, 105)

• Builds a high blood count and improves anemia — due to chlorophyll’s structural similarity to human blood cells (see Dr. Bernard Jensen’s The Healing Power of Chlorophyll, 105)

Chlorophyll packs an extremely powerful healing punch. For this reason, people go to great lengths to get it, taking everything from parsley extracts to wheatgrass juice. But raw chlorella contains far more chlorophyll than these sources and provides all the other health-building elements found in chlorella — a winning combination for super health.

What Experts Say about Chlorella…

“In all my travels and research, I haven’t found a single case where…chlorella is contraindicated. I have seen improvement in every patient of mine who used it. I am not talking about a cure. I look for foods and supplements that will take care of the whole body so that the body will cure itself” — Dr. Bernard Jensen, Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East, p. 88

“An entire month’s supply of chlorella is less than a single day’s stay at any hospital. That makes chlorella…the bargain of a lifetime in my book. Any substance that can extend my life, avoid me having to see the doctor…is a real bargain, no matter what the cost.” — Mike Adams,Superfoods for Optimum Health: Chlorella and Spirulina, p. 31

“…everyone agrees that good nutrition is essential to good health. However, my research [on nucleic acids] shows that it can be far more effective than was ever suspected, not only in maintaining good health but in restoring it…” — Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, Dr. Frank’s No-Aging Diet: Eat and Grow Younger, p. 2

“There are natural…sources of high-quality DNA and RNA which can be supplied from outside the body to nourish our cells and return them all to a healthy state. It is possible to keep doing this. This means it is possible to remain healthy far longer than the general experience of the human race. It means much-delayed old age.” — Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, Dr. Frank’s No-Aging Diet: Eat and Grow Younger, p. 12

“I have tried to live a healthy lifestyle my whole life. For the last eight years, I’ve been using chlorella, and I can say, ‘I feel wonderful.’ I use chlorella and I believe in chlorella.” — Dr. Bernard Jensen, Chlorella, Jewel of the Far East, p. 9

“…you can begin to profit right now, safely and easily. You can slow down your aging process, maybe even grow a little younger, starting right now.” — Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, Dr. Frank’s No-Aging Diet: Eat and Grow Younger, p. 12

“The cost of chlorella…is only a few dollars per week. In exchange, a person experiences greater health, greater mental clarity, longer lifespan, prevention of a long list of diseases, and in many cases, even the reversal of major diseases. You can’t put a price on these benefits, but if you could, there’s no doubt they would greatly outweigh the few dollars spent on chlorella…” — Mike Adams, Superfoods for Optimum Health: Chlorella and Spirulina, p. 31

CHLORELLA — Nature’s Perfect Food

by Fred Liers, Ph.D.

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