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Find Your Core

by on July 26, 2016

Going About Your Day

Once you start going about your day, things may get out of hand, negative words or thoughts may be thrown at you. Stop what you are doing and break away from the situation. Take a breather. Breath in peace and breath out worries. Breathing helps diffuse stress. Go for a short walk and remove the focus off of whatever it is that is bothering you. Whistling or humming changes the vibrations of your mood. Prayer helps you get the focus off of yourself. Find in your heart someone that you love or someone in need or both, and send loving thoughts to that person. Within five or ten minutes, determine to return to what you were doing with a smile, because whatever was bothering you is now filed in a different compartment of your brain. You can physically be working on your computer, doing manual labor, while your mind is “dwelling” on the good things you are creating, on the positive words you read in the morning, on the simple energy of life.

First things first

It is a fact of medicine that when your body sleeps, all of your organs go through their processes so that when you wake up, your body is ready to receive nutrients. Feed it something that will invigorate those organs and not shock them. The same is true of your mind. You want to feed your mind content that is encouraging, uplifting and empowering so that you can take control of your day. Your will controls your mind, so you can use your will to set your mind to dwell on the things you are feeding it. An example: first thing in the morning, before you get up, read an uplifting quote from C.S. Lewis or any author that will lift you up and give you hope. Then tell your mind to remember that quote throughout the day. Now you are ready to start your day because you fed and set your mind on the type of day it will be. You can also envision the day, create it with wonderful situations, expecting the best for that day.

Before Going to Sleep

Later at night, before going to sleep, reflect on the situation that was starting to get out of hand and identify what was getting to you and why. Your mind will immediately communicate with you the answer: was it something bothering you from within, or did something get to you from without? Once you start practicing this every day, you will learn how to distinguish the sources of a lot of stress and negative, pinned-up emotions. The question to ask is: “How did that situation make me feel?” The next question is: “Why? Why did I feel that way?” You need to be honest with yourself and practice humility. Here are some examples on how to practice this: 

  • if “your will, your way” got tested by someone else’s will and that was the source of you being upset, then look to see if maybe that person’s will was freighted with more wisdom and he or she had a better way than yours. Look into these things, and in the process you will begin to learn a lot about yourself. 
  • another thing to practice is determining your likes and dislikes. This way, when someone tries to influence you into doing something you don’t wish to do, you can consciously make your choice based on whether you truly want to do that or not. You are then not being ruled by someone else’s opinions and influences. In this process of discovering your likes and dislikes, you become more assertive and have a better ability to make decisions.
  • once you find what was bothering you and why, before going to sleep, think again of something positive that you want to do the next day, something creative or fun, and go to sleep on a positive note. Of course, if you have faith in God, you can let His Spirit help you through all of this, and it is a very deep experience.

Passion Discovery Process

There are various ways of discovering your passions, your likes, and your dislikes. One of the most obvious is by trying different things. A note of caution is to try different healthy things, not try things just for the sake of trying them. If you are not a smoker, don’t try smoking just to decide whether you like it or not. Try something different and creative instead. Below is a list of fun things to try regardless of age or gender:

  • Bubble baths with Epsom salts before going to bed. A bubble bath with Epsom salts helps relax and prevents muscle pain. The reason is simple: Epsom salts are filled with minerals, including magnesium. When you immerse your body in hot water, your pores open up and all of that magnesium seeps through your skin all the way to the muscles. Magnesium is a well known mineral source for calming the mind and relaxing the muscles. You wake up renewed and relaxed.
  • Writing down thoughts, ideas, and dreams on a notebook or on an electronic pad. It takes a little bit of discipline, but it is a documented fact that most people who write their goals are able to accomplish them. Make it private and personal, for your eyes only. Start by writing whatever comes to mind. Writing is a wonderful way of liberating creativity. The power to create your world with your words is within you. 
  • Buy some coloring pencils or some watercolor paint and brushes, and a sketch book. Try drawing dreams and images that may come to mind. Do not believe the limitation that you have no drawing ability. Everyone is born with it. Some develop that gift and others do not. Your goal in this exercise is not to become the next Picasso, although judging by his style, you may very well do just that.
  • Listen to different genres of music to determine which ones you like best. Music can be oppressive or uplifting. There is quality music, well composed, arranged and engineered, and there is crappy music. Learn to listen to distinguish the difference, without being influenced by others. Discover your very own style of music. Once you know that, pick up that old instrument you used to play when you were in middle-school. Give it a try. Learn some of the songs you just discovered you like, and if the instrument allows you to use your voice, try and sing the song as well. Again, do not fall for the lies that you cannot sing, that you are not talented. Those are lies. Music is within you, it is all around you.
  • Crossword puzzles. Have you ever tried solving them? It is a great pass-time to engage your mind on something that enriches your vocabulary while the other part of your brain is solving some of the issues you may have encountered throughout your day.

Starting with these suggestions will prompt for more ideas. Have fun!

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