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Keep on Moving: Bicycling

by on October 27, 2016

Bicycling has become a phenomenon in the last ten years. If you are driving anywhere in the United States, especially in California, you will see someone or a group in their official jersey tight attire, helmet and gloves, pedaling in the designated bike lanes. This article is for the less hardcore cyclist. I would refer to them as leisure bikers or beach cruisers.

Bicycling As Transportation

A bicycle is a means of transportation in many countries around the world. Who cannot envision the cities of Copenhagen, Amsterdam, or Beijing filled with bicycles? These amazing two-wheel devices are also used for recreation or even considered a sport for the adrenaline enthusiasts who love to race, or even the more daring ones who enjoy mountain biking. For those of us seeking to be healthy and not completely dedicated to the sport of cycling, a leisure bicycle ride in a more remote setting is simply a delight. It does not require a lot of strength, unless you decide to go uphill, and it lets you enjoy the outdoors in a way that is quite unique.

What to consider when Bicycling?

  1. The first thing to do is make sure that your head is protected. Even though wearing a helmet can be annoying, especially under the sun, it serves a huge purpose. It is like insurance. You hope you never need it, but if you don’t have it when you need it, then you wish you did.
  2. Get your bike at the proper height for you. Not only is it safer when you need to stop, it is a lot more comfortable when you are riding.
  3. If the seat is not adjusted and actually comfortable, it will cause a lot of grief on your tailbone area, technically known as your coccyx. I recommend a little research on the best seats if you are going to travel long distances.
  4. Although listening to music is a great accompaniment to the biking experience, using earbuds or headphones can be very dangerous. In a group setting, it isolates you. In a traffic setting, it prevents you from “hearing ahead,” therefore dulling your senses.
  5. It is good practice to change positions when riding. Sometimes you can stand-up on one pedal, straighten up your back, or move your hands. The goal is to prevent numbness on those parts of the body that remain still in the same position for a prolonged time.
  6. Always look ahead. Sometimes you may need to look behind you or to your side. If you’re going to do it, do it quickly. As a rule of thumb, count mostly on your 180-degree forward-facing horizontal field of view. You will be able to see obstacles, pot holes or objects on the road that may be hazardous to your riding.
  7. Check your tires. Keep them full.

Treats to Take with You When Bicycling

Coconut Water

  • Coconut water is highly hydrating, filled with potassium and other minerals
  • you can purchase them at any super market these days, just try to get the organic kind. Zico or ONE are the best.


  • hardboiled eggs are the easiest form of protein to carry and eat; lasts longer outside the refrigerator, it is not messy, and one or two will give you the necessary protein


  • a bag of organic dates can be a great way of replenishing energy and satiating a need for sweetness
  • honey straws, excellent for your health.

How to make honey straws: get raw organic honey, a packet of large straws, an empty ketchup dispenser, a scissor tong, a lighter and a clean damp rag. Fill the ketchup dispenser with honey, leaving room at both ends. then place one end of the straw on top of the dispenser, turn it over and begin squishing the dispenser until the straw is almost filled with honey. Press one edge with the scissor tong and seal it with the lighter. Do the same for the other edge. Wipe with damp rag.

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