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Brazilian “Churrasco”—An Excellent Red-Meat Paleo Meal

by on October 31, 2017

Brazilian “Churrasco”—An Excellent Red-Meat Paleo Meal

Contrary to what many think, the Brazilian “churrasco” is a great alternative for a healthy paleo meal.

If we follow simple guidelines—such as always knowing the source of the meat, as well as the most correct way to prepare it—we will be eating a healthy meal.

In the case of the above video, we used a typical Brazilian cut, the bovine “picanha”—a very tender meat with a coat of fat.

“Picanha” is extremely palatable. It is the close equivalent of tri-tip in the United States.

Meat Cut

From Rare to Medium is Best for You

The proper way to barbecue the picanha cut is from medium to rare. When cooked excessively, such as well done, the protein becomes altered. Besides losing its flavor, the meat becomes toxic.

For a perfect result, cut the piece correctly, using a high-quality sharp knife. How do you cut it? Always against the grain and in very thin slices.

When we talk about Brazilian “churrasco,” the meat must be cooked over charcoal. Be sure to allow the charcoal to heat enough, to the point where it becomes only an ember.

The spices are nothing more than simple rock sea salt, ideally unprocessed, such as Celtic sea salt.

Meat Preparation with Salt

The “sealing” process requires that the grill be placed approximately 30cm or 12 inches above the embers and that the meat remain on it for 5 minutes on each side.

You must then raise the grill a couple more inches and leave the “picanha” on it for 10 to 12 minutes on each side.

Ideal Cooked Meat

Eaten Only Occasionally, “Churrasco” Is Good for You

Since you should not eat red meat everyday, eaten only sporadically the “churrasco” is a great source of protein, healthy fats, and an excellent way to have social and family interactions.

One good piece of advice is to have your “churrasco” always accompanied by a good red wine.

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