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Stress Busters: Turn-Up the Heat—Relieve the Stress

by on October 5, 2016

An Innovative Alternative to Deal with Stress

“Chronic stress has turned our nervous system completely upside down,” says mind-body and nutrition expert, Dr. Ginger. www.drginger.com

dr-ginger stress relief doctor

Dr. Ginger is founder and C.E.O. of Dr.Ginger, LLC., a wellness consulting company known for its unique approach to turning around disease in as little as 30 days and strategically taming escalating healthcare costs in both Corporate America and the private sector.

You may not be a soldier in combat, but today we are all “life warriors.” We deal with the stressors in our daily routine of financial difficulties, high-demanding jobs, overburdened schedules, and challenging relationships.

Additionally, the overload of technology—cell phones, computers, tablets, TVs and video games—contributes to our daily stress load and to modern disease.

The Nervous System’s Two Responses to Stress

“All these chronic stressors have turned our nervous system completely upside down,” says mind-body and nutrition expert, Dr. Ginger. “Where we should have the parasympathetic nervous system—the Rest and Digest side of the equation—operating most of the time, we now have the sympathetic nervous system—often called Fight or Flight—operating throughout most of our day.”

“For many,” Dr. Ginger continues, “chronic stress and anxiety have become an accepted way of life, so much so that many modern-day diseases and syndromes such as heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, depression and even cancer find their roots in this constant Fight or Flight sympathetic stressed-out mode. Not at all what Nature intended.”

A Classic Example of Stress-Induced Ailment

Dr. Regina Young of St. Louis, Missouri, contracted Epstein-Barr virus from a work-mandated vaccine and this led to severe exhaustion, chronic fatigue and panic disorder.

She explains it this way, “The symptoms would subside until I was under a lot of stress, and then the virus would get reactivated. It led to systemic yeast, which affected my thyroid, which led to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was so ill I became disabled and couldn’t work anymore.”

“Earlier this year,” Dr. Young reveals, “I purchased a Clearlight Infrared Sauna and I love it! I feel so much better from using the sauna that I am now planning to return to work in the months ahead. I no longer feel that hopeless exhaustion. The sauna has given me hope because I’m getting real results.”

Dr. Young, along with many others who suffer from a varied health issues, has found the sauna’s deep-penetrating, soothing, infrared heat to balance her nervous system. She discovered that the sauna promotes the “Rest and Relaxation” state required for true healing and recovery.

With a heart-felt smile, Dr. Young added, “My infrared sauna is like a forklift; it lifts me up and infuses me with energy and well-being.”


An Infrared Sauna Study on Stress

Exposure to thermal therapy produces profound, stress-busting physiological effects. A Czechoslovakian study reported by Kaiser Permanente shows that taking a sauna for 30 minutes doubles the blood’s beta-endorphin levels. As a consequence, pain is reduced, inducing a sense of euphoria, a well-being referred to as “sauna-bather’s high.”

The far infrared sauna heat has a great effect in pacifying the Fight or Flight response and in stimulating the nervous system’s Rest and Digest state to become dominant.

In order to produce such results, the far infrared sauna helps lower the blood pressure, relax the muscles and detoxify the body; yes with heat, but a comfortable, breathable, therapeutic heat that promotes unwinding calm.

Heat therapy also causes changes in the brain patterns, by diminishing harmful stress hormones and increasing the powerful relaxation hormone, serotonin. Studies of brain waves indicate a deeper, more serene sleep.

Empowering You

Every year, millions of us spend small fortunes on treatments, products and doctor visits to help alleviate stress-related symptoms. At the same time, we scrimp and save to afford all-too-brief vacations.

During such vacations we hope to enjoy a few fleeting moments sharing a pool, beach or hot tub with travelers every bit as anxious as we are to escape the strains of our everyday lives.

Some of us, like Dr. Young, have discovered a better, more permanent solution to daily deal with stress, aches and pains. A solution that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system but also satisfies our periodic need to “get away from it all.” A Low-EMF, Far Infrared Sauna.

Low-EMF, Far Infrared Sauna is a Powerful Solution to Stress

Less expensive than you might think, a far infra-red sauna is an instant way to make an ordinary house feel like a vacation home. It is your passport to greater health, better sleep, and many would say—a longer, happier, stress-free life.

The specific brand that Dr. Regina Young purchased, Clearlight Saunas, comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, with true lifetime warranty. They are an affordable investment in your health that can potentially save you thousands of dollars in medical bills in the long run.

These saunas install easily in an hour and cost about 25¢ per session to operate.

“The best is that I can use my sauna in the privacy of my own home. I don’t have to go anywhere or depend on anyone. I just turn it on, warm it up and say, ‘Let the healing begin!’”—Dr. Regina Young

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