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Yoga for Digestion

Find Your Core: Yoga for Digestion

by LIVING HEALTHon September 21, 2016
Yoga for Digestion:  “Twists increase circulation to the abdominal organs, helping them to function more efficiently and to remove stagnant impurities in the digestive tract.”—Charity Poole of Blessed Body Yoga One of the innumerable benefits of yoga is improved digestion. Not only does the practice as a whole improve your digestive function, but there are […]

Find Your Core: Powerful Affirmations

by LIVING HEALTHon August 30, 2016
Anyone living in a metropolitan environment is bombarded daily by cynicism and negativity, whether it comes from the media, peers, sometimes family members, or most likely, above all, from our own brains. Negativity is like gravity. It is constantly pulling us down. How to obtain enough fuel and power to be as strong as a […]

Find Your Core: Yoga Anywhere

by LIVING HEALTHon August 23, 2016
“In a world where we are constantly looking forward and looking back, yoga teaches us to live in the moment.” — Charity Poole One of the perks of practicing yoga is that it is totally mobile; you can take your yoga anywhere! In the comfort of your own living room, in the middle of a […]

Gratitude is Everything

Gratitude Is Everything: A Thanksgiving Message for Life

by Sandra Alexon July 26, 2016
“Complaining leads to bitterness and destruction. Gratitude leads to life and healing.” In Portuguese, the word thanksgiving is translated as “actions of gratitude.” It is hard to imagine what kind of actions these might be. As far as I have always understood, thanksgiving (or being grateful) is a state of mind, not an action. A Gratitude […]

Find Your Core

by Sandra Alexon July 26, 2016
Going About Your Day Once you start going about your day, things may get out of hand, negative words or thoughts may be thrown at you. Stop what you are doing and break away from the situation. Take a breather. Breath in peace and breath out worries. Breathing helps diffuse stress. Go for a short […]

The Language of Yoga

by LIVING HEALTHon July 26, 2016
Many students new to yoga have questions about some of the Sanskrit terms that are frequently heard in a yoga class. I have had students approach me to ask the meaning of “Om” and “Namaste”, because they felt uncomfortable repeating something that they did not know the meaning of. Whether it be for religious reasons […]