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kombucha in 3 containers

Home-Made Kombucha: Good for Your Health and for Your Wallet

by LIVING HEALTHon October 6, 2016
Kombucha originated in Manchuria. It later propagated to Russia and from there to the rest of the world. Kombucha was extremely popular as a health beverage in China in the 1950’s and 60’s. Many families grew kombucha at home.—from our TIPS FOR WHOLESOME LIVING Series, by Jessica Stamm, MS CCN After 7 years of spending way too much […]

Cold-Expelling Potion

by LIVING HEALTHon August 5, 2016
During this summer, so far I have seen way too many people catch colds. Not just the little sneezy, runny-nose kind, but the nasty viral, congestive, feverish type that leaves you down for the count. Luckily, it has not gotten to me, so far—it must be because during this past winter I caught three horrible […]

Manly Meat: Foods to Increase Testosterone

by LIVING HEALTHon July 21, 2016
I have written so much about pregnancy and women’s health that I decided to balance it out and write about something manly, lest this column becomes a girls-only resource. Here are a few foods that balance testosterone levels and help to keep a manly man the way nature intended—you guessed it—manly. Butter: Yes, I am […]